Changing Us SALE 99 pennies from October 30-November 5th

¸.•´¸.•*´¨)✯ ¸.•*¨) Make sure you have tissues handy my friends. CU.jpg


Did you love Finding Me by Author Brooklyn Taylor? Then don’t miss Changing Us, now available for #1-click & on sale for just .99 pennies until November 3rd. Ford & Elise seem to have it all. When their world begins to show cracks in that perfect bubble, do they have what it takes to hold it all together? Find out now!

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About Changing Us:

Ford Kelly and Elise Riley met and fell in love four years ago.

Ford knows exactly what he wants, and that is Elise. Everything else was easy or so he thought.

Elise’s world revolves around Ford and their future. She refuses to look anywhere but forward until both of their pasts are brought front and center.

Can a couple make it through anything? Sickness and health? Rich or poor?

And do they both want to?

Their world starts to unravel just when they thought they had it all figured out.

They promised forever but did they mean it?


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