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Paper back sale! This is the first time I am doing for Christmas so if you are interested fill out the google form below!

Paperbacks; Order will close December 1st!


TBS 2017 in the books!! Fun as ever.

Traveling Bookshelf was my first signing when I first began my writing career. Every year, I plan to attend until Beth kicks me out. It feels like home. A signing yes, but also a huge girl weekend. Lets face it, mamas don’t get that very often. This year I needed it more than ever, to just listen and observe, and most importantly to smile and laugh. I felt like I was sick of thinking what I was thinking daily. I welcomed the change of scenery.

For those of you that I get to see yearly, thank you for being in my life.

For those of you that I just met this weekend, I look forward to many more times of seeing your gorgeous faces!

A lot of people think signings are for the readers. They get to meet the authors, buy books and see their book friends. But… as an author, when I see your faces and see that you want to read my stories it makes me remember why I write. Why I push myself when I want to throw the towel in.

So on behalf of all authors, thank you.

Because I write because of you.






Changing Us SALE 99 pennies from October 30-November 5th

¸.•´¸.•*´¨)✯ ¸.•*¨) Make sure you have tissues handy my friends. CU.jpg


Did you love Finding Me by Author Brooklyn Taylor? Then don’t miss Changing Us, now available for #1-click & on sale for just .99 pennies until November 3rd. Ford & Elise seem to have it all. When their world begins to show cracks in that perfect bubble, do they have what it takes to hold it all together? Find out now!

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About Changing Us:

Ford Kelly and Elise Riley met and fell in love four years ago.

Ford knows exactly what he wants, and that is Elise. Everything else was easy or so he thought.

Elise’s world revolves around Ford and their future. She refuses to look anywhere but forward until both of their pasts are brought front and center.

Can a couple make it through anything? Sickness and health? Rich or poor?

And do they both want to?

Their world starts to unravel just when they thought they had it all figured out.

They promised forever but did they mean it?

October is almost over :( BUT yes on holidays!

October is here and almost gone my beautiful friends in a blink of the eye. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love how the temperature starts to change and cool down and the sound of football in the air, hoodies and bon fires. Here in Austin we are still being hit with the warm weather but hoping that all changes quickly.

Who is a Halloween fan? Not me… I enjoy that children get to dress up and have fun but it has never been one of my favorites other than I know that the Holidays are just around the corner. MY All time favorite time of the year.


All my stories are on KU until the rest of the year:

Eternal Soulmate

Endless Affinity

Unforeseen Destiny



An Ordinary Me



Losing You

Marital Blissaster

Finding Me


My “My Reasons” update:

I plan to release My Reasons mid January if all goes well. This book has been hard on me but I am a strong believer that through my writing is when I heal. So hopefully me sharing this story it will hit home to many of you and also touch those teens that are struggling.


Brenlee McNeil was the ultimate ride or die girl. She had no fear and experimented with anything and everything. Nothing about her life was easy which was only a small part of her self doubt. Her favorite part of her day is getting high and pretending like the world didn’t exist. She didn’t think about her choices but rather only wanted to live numb.
Atwood Ross was a determined to succeed guy with a lot going for him. He had worked for everything he had ailing from a drug addicted mother. He hated the existence of drugs and the people who were stupid enough to do them.

Until he met Brenlee while he was attending Smithville college. He could see her destructiveness a mile away but for the first time in his entire life he saw someone he wanted to save rather than condemn.

Can you save someone who doesn’t want saving? And remain the person you are so determined to be at the same time?


Brooklyn Taylor way:

Shows: I’m hooked on: This is Us and Blue Bloods.

Music: Love the new What If’s by Kane Brown, Unforgettable by Thomas Rhett, Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

Reading: Currently not reading a book but hope to pick on up soon. I’m thinking I am going to start on Driven by Kate Stewart.

Favorite drink this month: Vodka and Sparkling water with a couple limes.  (Don’t judge)

Favorite outfit: Pajamas.

Favorite verse: “Live in harmony with each other. Be of one mind united in thought and purpose.” 1 Corinthians 1:10


Changing Us special note. ***

Special note to my readers:

This story was by far the hardest story I have ever written.

Tears fell from my face throughout the majority of this novel uncontrollably.

Life is precious although things happen to try to corrupt our minds and hearts.

Depression is an illness that isn’t as recognized as a lot of illnesses BUT it is a real thing.

The mind can make you do things you would never imagine, and in this case Ford does just that.

He became someone that he didn’t recognize as is very common with depression.

Things start to spin out of control and losing hope is the next step.

The darkness that weighs you down seems to be unstoppable.

But it is stoppable.

Please know with the story it is with great respect that I bow to the

ones that face depression and anxiety daily, and beat it.

I have.  And I know if you struggle with this, keep your head up,

and believe that you are worth it. Always.





Changing Us Soundtrack



Brooklyn Taylor is no way affiliated with these songs. They belong to the vocal artist.

Million Reasons- Lady Gaga

Fire Away- Chris Stapleton

Because of you- Kelly Clarkson

Fast- Luke Bryan

See You Again- Carrie Underwood

Just a Phase- Adam Craig

Body Like a Back Road- Sam Hunt

Die a Happy Man- Thomas Rhett

Speak to a Girl- Tim McGraw &Faith Hill

Alone- Heart

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You- Lady Antebellum

Come Away with Me- Norah Jones

Dirt on my Boots- John Pardi

Remind Me- Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley


SALE SALE SALE************

If you read as much as I do, I like a good deal.

Changing Us is on sale for 99 pennies for a few more days. Grab it and love it while you can for a steal. (Also on KU)

What some readers are saying about CU:

“Ford and Elise are a heart warming and heart wrenching couple.
I was pulled into their story from the beginning, I had a hard time reading this book quickly like I normally would. I had to stop and take breaks because of the emotions that they were feeling and that I was feeling.” Shopgirl

“Love, love, love this book so much! Every single page was filled with so much emotion so much love from these amazing characters that were so well written. Love poured out of the pages. Have tissues on hand because you can feel everything these two are going through.” Bella

Read it and then let me know what you think! EKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.