Changing Us special note. ***

Special note to my readers:

This story was by far the hardest story I have ever written.

Tears fell from my face throughout the majority of this novel uncontrollably.

Life is precious although things happen to try to corrupt our minds and hearts.

Depression is an illness that isn’t as recognized as a lot of illnesses BUT it is a real thing.

The mind can make you do things you would never imagine, and in this case Ford does just that.

He became someone that he didn’t recognize as is very common with depression.

Things start to spin out of control and losing hope is the next step.

The darkness that weighs you down seems to be unstoppable.

But it is stoppable.

Please know with the story it is with great respect that I bow to the

ones that face depression and anxiety daily, and beat it.

I have.  And I know if you struggle with this, keep your head up,

and believe that you are worth it. Always.





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