What a reader is saying about Out of Control


I cannot adequately express the emotion that the book brought out of me. For me, this story had all the emotions of “The Notebook” and “The Bridges of Madison County” in one book.

Addiction is avery real very strong demon that can take over in an instant.

Brooklyn once again wrote a story that brings to life many aspects of heartache and love. Chad and Alexa are characters that you want to wrap your arms around and bring them into your home.

The very first chapter broke my heart for both Chad and his parents and I never really recovered (but in the best way possible.)

THIS IS A MUST READ!!! Even though I read the ARC I will definitely purchase it and cherish readings it all over again.


I know I am going to get bad reviews, it comes with the territory, but I am thankful that readers so far are liking Out of Control.

If it reaches someone that needs to read it, then my day is made.


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